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This nice little model of particles bouncing around in a box shows a few different things that you can discuss at different depths:

  • Kinetic Energy in a gas.
    • The particles in the box move faster or slower based on the temperature (which is controlled by a slider).
  • The relationship between temperature and color emitted by objects.
    • The color of the particles change based on their individual kinetic energies in a way analogous to Wein's Law. In this model higher KE corresponds to higher temperature which corresponds to shorter wavelengths of light (blue). This is easy to observe in the model.
  • Absolute Zero
    • At absolute zero (0 K) all motion stops (pretty much) and the particles disappear (they become black) because they are no longer emitting light.
  • Pressure
    • Pressure is the cumulative force of the impacts of the gas particles on the walls of the box.

Download Model


  • gas-KE_07_GeoMod.exe (2.9 Mb): Download this file and double click to install. It will install itself as an application on the Desktop and will automatically start. To remove just delete the application file and the folder with the same name.

All Operating Systems (Mac, LINUX etc.)

Additional Multimedia

  • Movie (2.5 Mb) of gas cooling down: Gas.mpg
  • Quicktime .mov (43 Mb) showing the gas cooling down:


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