Exploring the Triangular Trade

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Exploring the Triangular Trade

Use the sailing game Mariner AO

  • Make up your own username and password by setting up new account.
  • Click on the Build button to make yourself a ship and give it a name.

Your ship starts in Portugal. Your goal is to sail the international trade routes that were operating during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. You need to sail to Dakar, Senegal (if you zoom in you will begin to see cities – this is interfaced with Google Maps so it should seem familiar). From there, sail to Charleston, South Carolina. Then return to Portugal.

To move your ship – choose a bearing (on a 360 degree compass: 0 or 360 is due north, 180 is due south) and click on the enter course button. The choice of full or half sails is not functional yet, so don’t worry about any gails.

Your progress is sailing will depend on your skill at handling the winds. The wind patterns used in the model are for July. Good luck!

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