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This model of vibrating atoms held together by crystalline bonds comes straight out of Matter and Interactions (by Chabay, R. and Sherwood, B. 2002. John Wiley & Sons), except that I've added a slider so you can control the temperature, and thus the rapidity of vibrations in the lattice.

Key concepts:

  • Temperature in a solid.
    • Even in a solid, the atoms are moving (vibrating) within their bonds.
  • Phase changes:
    • When the temperature gets high enough the atoms will break from their bonds and transform into a liquid or gas. Although the breaking appart is not specifically shown, the vibrations get extremely dramatic at the highest temperature setting.
  • Thermal expansion and contraction.
    • The greater the vibration the more volume the object takes up.


Code: Crystal Vibrations code


  • crystal_temperature_02_GeoMod.exe (2.9 Mb): Download this file and double click to install. It will install itself as an application on the Desktop and will automatically start. To remove just delete the application file and the folder with the same name.

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