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New GeoBiology wiki. A website of Dr. Jennifer Houghton's research projects.

For more information or to obtain a username please contact houghtonj at


Active Projects

  • To login to the references page, click here

Hydrology and biomineralization in hydrothermal deposits

Diagram of the high pressure version of apparatus.
  • Experimental apparatus to study fluid flow and microbial growth and mineralization in hydrothermal subsurface mixing environments.
    • Funding for this work was provided by the National Science Foundation (Marine Geology and Geophysics Division)

A biogeochemical database of seafloor hydrothermal vents


Scripts to

  • Download gene sequences from Genbank (based on accession numbers).
  • Compare sequences for similarity (using bl2seq)
  • Calculate taxonomic distinctness statistics to assess population diversity (after Clark and Warwick, 1998).
  • Compute population vs. distinctness funnel to assess relative diversity (after Clark and Warwick, 1998)
  • Making phylogenetic trees - Charlie Forbes' notes

Markets and Pollution Exercise

Rhodes Projects

Environmental Hydrogeology 2011

  • Determining and implementing a solution to flooding of a school

Step 1: Study the problem and find the cause of flooding:

  • Step 2: Solutions tested and recommendations made:

Step 3: Implementing solution:

Friday April 8?

Saturday April 16: A Great Day!

After the rain on Tuesday night (April 19):

Rain on April 20: Caught In the Act: It Works!

After the rain: April 25, 2011

After the rain: April 26, 2011

Memphis Research

  • In the field with Jennifer Whatley, sampling for chlordane and/or mercury
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